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Featuring individuals from rare or unusual lifestyles who help to promote discussion on controversial topics or subcultures. Paul Salvatori speaks with former Ontario Premier and current provincial Member of Parliament, Kathleen Wynne, about how the progressive and social-minded politician entered politics, the activist outlook and philosophy that has guided her throughout her career and even the place of love in the often combative world of politics.

Shedding new light, Kathleen shares how the curriculum was first developed, how she handles the harsh pushback it still receives and, perhaps most importantly, the essential role it plays in the care and education of young people. Live talk and discussion with tireless homeless advocate, educator, writer and recipient of the Order of Canada, Cathy Crowe, about her recently published book, A Knapsack Full of Dreams: Memoirs of a Street Nurse.

Hosted at Eastminister United Church Toronto , Cathy reads from the book—providing a window into her beginnings as a social justice nurse—followed by an intriguing conversation, alongside Anna Willats, on the difficult challenges and rewards fighting homelessness in Canada. Special thanks to Another Story Bookshop for organizing the event. Why it's important to understand the role anger, closely associated with pain, plays in fueling gun and other forms of violence, as well as the perpetrator's perspective--without endorsing or promoting it.

This may aptly be applied to Montreal-based artist, Carlo Polidoro Lopez, whose daring work is literally made up with garbage, also characterizing its beauty and originality. For Carlo this involves drawing from both his personal and collective past, as a multiethnic Canadian, while giving form to raw thoughts and feelings as they occur to him in the very process of making art.

You can also learn more about Carlo on his website. Recently, some have suggested a pill could be the solution to the "loneliness epidemic". Paul instead entertains how altruistic love, namely putting others before ourselves, might be the healthier and better solution.

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It might also prevent tragedies like the recent death of Carson Cremini, in British Columbia, from happening too. A recent story about why it's important to be honest in today's freelance or "gig" economy not only to be ethical in business but promote a more trusting, socially cohesive world. Why young men become violent when they feel they don't matter and how healthy bonding can prevent that, as well as what we--as a society--can do to be part of that patient and caring process. In the wake of a high number of shootings in Toronto this past long-weekend, as well as the mass shootings in the United States that took place during the same time, Dr.

Paul Salvatori shares a brief word on the need to address the pain behind gun violence in order to better understand and end it, while encouraging respectful face-to-face dialogue offline as the means through which this can occur. In keeping with the topic of this episode, "Too Young for a Funeral"--a recent song by Dr. Paul under the artist name "Salvatori" --follows the discussion.

The two mothers courageously share their difficult journey of having each lost a child to gun violence and how that tragedy has motivated them, together and as individuals, to create a safer, less deadly world. Though words alone can never do justice to the pain of losing a child to gun violence, Alison and Kelly reveal that such pain does not automatically condemn one to despair. Rather, as Alison and Kelly's determination show, it can be transformed into remarkable strength, allowing one to support others in similar hardship while challenging us to rethink the conditions that bring about senseless killings.

Learn more about Alison and Kelly's anti-gun violence advocacy and group, Communities for Zero Violence, here. This episode is in memory of Alison's daughter, Lindsay Wilson, and Kelly's son, Gabriel Nikov, whose lives were cut all too short by gun violence.

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On the cusp of his rise to international popularity, controversial University of Toronto professor, Jordan Peterson, visited the The Dark Room. Illuminating as he was on a wide array of philosophical topics, some of which reveal a deeply troubling side to our humanity, there was no mention by him about an important documentary that was being about him at the time. The film present viewers with what life has been like for Peterson amid the major backlash he's received as a vocal opponent of political correctness, while also shining a light on his critics, especially the transgender community, who believe he is promoting hatred.

Sensitive to differing points of view, the film shies away from being an apology or justification for either side. Rather, as Patricia and Maziar suggest, Shut Him Down invites viewers to thinking critically about the heated divisions along ideological lines Peterson's presence has created and, perhaps, a way of civilly resolving or managing them. Watch Shut Him Down currently only available to stream in Canada here.

You can also learn more about and follow Patricia and Maziar's documentary work, via the follow site:.

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Canada is often thought of as exemplar of democracy, where all are guaranteed humane treatment. But, as recent news coverage of the appalling abuse of its prison inmates suggests, this guarantee falls short all too often. Paul talks to Howard Sapers, the Independent Advisor on Corrections Reform to the Ontario provincial government, about the proper function of the prison system in Canada and elsewhere and to what extent it actually ensures the human treatment of inmates.

Fri 27 Jul

An advocate against the overuse of solitary confinement, Howard also discusses how such segregation does more harm than good, unnecessarily comprising both the mental and physical health of inmates. In doing so, Howard brings to light that, though prisons have an obligation to correct the offender, they must do so justly--without causing excessive suffering. Finally, Dr. Paul and Howard look at how well Canada provides mental health care to inmates, while not allowing certain offenders requiring specialized psychiatric and other medical treatment to languish behind bars.

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Learn more about Howard, including his reports on correctional reform, here. The mainstream media has made us largely accustomed to view entertainment as escapism, such as the countless reality TV shows, televised sports event and action-packed films that surround and distract us every day. But can the power of entertainment actually be harnessed to promote a better, fairer world? Beyond sport itself, Swim Team illuminates the political challenges female athletes continue to face in Iran on account of having--as mandated by sexist law intended to preserve their "modesty" or "honour"--wear the hijab even during competition, as well as the lack of key governmental and other support for female athletics.

With all the vehicles we have become accustomed to seeing on the road, it is easy to think it belongs to drivers alone.

Such misguided entitlement underlies the perception that the cyclist is a nuisance, interfering with the natural flow of traffic. Paul Salvatori talks with lawyer and cyclist advocate, Albert Koehl , about the ongoing tension between motorists and cyclists that arises from this and how it can overcome to better protect cyclists, all-too-often injured or killed in the process. Beyond the domain of cyclist rights, Albert illuminates the importance of overcoming this as an ethical issue, such that cyclists are first and foremost human beings whose lives should never be unnecessarily jeopardized, such as by motorists who, in spite, drive too close to cyclists.

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In contrast, Dr. Paul and Albert explore how cities, incorporating well-designed and maintained cyclist routes e. Ending on a lighter note, Albert shares how the outdoor point of view of the cyclist is fundamentally different and, arguably, more enjoyable than of the driver inside a vehicle.

It's not unusual to hear that "Toronto the Good" is no longer, as many perceive the city as having a high crime rate that makes it unsafe. This perception, however true, has been reinforced by the swell of gun violence in Toronto this year, sadly responsible for the death of 20 people so far. Paul Salvatori talks with Toronto anti-gun violence advocate and founder of " Zero Gun Violence Movement ", Louis March, about the worrying increase, already being compared to the city's notorious "Year of the Gun" Going beyond the typical headlines and sound bites that characterize much of the reportage of Toronto's gun violence, Louis and Dr.

Paul explore its deeper sociological and psychological reasons, as well as constructive ways of remedying it. Taking issue with misguided "narratives", often employed by politicians that oversimplify and condemn gun violence as the result of gang warfare, Louis is adamant about the need for diverse community stakeholders--from residents to policy makers--to create a new and more accurate narrative, sensitive to the hopelessness and despair that brings about gun violence. Originally created by Michael Townsend in May of , A Dark Room was designed to run in Web browsers and meant to be left running in an open window throughout the day.

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Rajan had recently left his job as a software engineer in Dallas, Texas, hoping to build a more personally gratifying career with his own work. Rajan e-mailed Townsend, who lived one thousand six hundred miles away, in Ottawa, Canada, and asked for permission to adapt the game for iPhones and iPads. A working programmer by day and a game-design hobbyist by night, Townsend was happy to share his work with Rajan.

When A Dark Room was first released on iPhone, at the end of , the game was listed in a number of Best of the Year lists, including those published by Forbes , Paste, and the influential gaming site Giant Bomb, but it remained a relatively modest seller. Then, one day in early spring, Rajan decided to check the U. App Store charts on a whim and noticed that the game had been downloaded three hundred times in a single day.

He thought it was an anomaly, maybe because of a school holiday, but the next day that figure shot to eight hundred, and a few days later the game had become the most downloaded game in the U. App Store. Soon after, the game began climbing the ranks of the U. App Store, reaching the top spot for all downloads on April 12th and staying there for the rest of the month. Why do you sometimes find cloth caught in your traps? Instead of handing out a bit of exposition as a reward for progress, simply expanding the scope of the world gives players access to new pieces to fit into their narrative puzzle.

There has been a resurgent interest in text games in recent years. A Dark Room was itself inspired by another Web-browser-based game, Candy Box, which was developed by an eighteen-year-old French student and is based on a similar structure of managing resources that accrue over time.