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Click to copy. Part 1, Book 2, Chapter 6. August , Day 1 Smerdyakov shows off in front of Ivan and mocks religion. Part 1, Book 3, Chapter 7.

The Brothers Karamazov: Devils, Saints, and Scoundrels Part 3: Notes from the Underground

August , Day 1 Dmitri bursts in on Ivan and Karamazov and beats his father. Part 1, Book 3, Chapter 9. August , Day 1 Alyosha delivers Dmitri's message of "bowing out"; Grushenka insults and humiliates Katerina. Part 1, Book 3, Chapter August , Day 2 Alyosha is attacked by Ilyusha, the son of the captain humiliated by Dmitri.

Part 2, Book 4, Chapter 3. August , Day 2 Alyosha tells Katerina she tortures Ivan because she loves him; he confesses he loves Katerina. Part 2, Book 4, Chapter 5. August , Day 2 Alyosha befriends Captain Snegiryov and his family. Part 2, Book 4, Chapter 6. August , Day 2 Smerdyakov tells Ivan Dmitri may kill his father the next day; Ivan scoffs at the idea.

Part 2, Book 5, Chapter 6. August , Day 3 Ivan tells Smerdyakov he's agreed to go to Chermashnya, and he calls him an "intelligent man. August , Day 3 Zosima's followers are shaken because his dead body stinks.

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Part 3, Book 7, Chapter 1. August , Day 3 Alyosha has a vision of Zosima feasting at Cana. Part 3, Book 7, Chapter 4. Part 3, Book 8, Chapter 4. August , Day 3 Dmitri is arrested for murder. Part 3, Book 8, Chapter 8. November Alyosha, the boys, and Kolya and the dog Zhuchka visit dying Ilyusha. Part 4, Book 10, Chapter 5. November Ivan questions Smerdyakov, who says he killed Karamazov as Ivan's minion.

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Part 4, Book 11, Chapter 8. November Ivan confesses to murder in court and begins raving; Katerina further implicates Dmitri. Part 4, Book 12, Chapter 5. November Dmitri is convicted of murder and given 20 years of hard labor. Part 4, Book 12, Chapter Five days after the trial Because Ivan is sick and unconscious, Alyosha and Katerina plan Dmitri's and Grushenka's escape. Epilogue, Chapter 1. Two days after the trial Ilyusha dies and the boys attend his funeral; Alyosha gives a speech at Ilyusha's stone.

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  8. The introduction is penned by the fictional narrator, presenting only a preliminary volume of the biography of his hero, Read More. The first three chapters provide background on the patriarch of the Karamazov family, who suffered a "dark and tragic de Alyosha dropped out of school and initially came Zosima's visitors, arriving in two carriages, are Miusov and his distant visiting relative, young Pyotr Kalganov, and Fy Zosima goes out to the wooden porch that has been attached to the outside wall of the hermitage so that he can receive f Zosima is an ill man, but Alyosha sees that, despite his exhaustion, he wishes to continue the visit.

    When they return t After the company leaves, Zosima instructs Alyosha to attend and charges him to leave the monastery Chapter 7. He will Karamazov lives in a large, ramshackle house, currently with his son Ivan Chapter 1. The faithful servants, Grigory an After the scene at the monastery, Alyosha heads off to see Katerina Ivanovna Chapter 3 and accidentally runs into his Alyosha goes to see his father, just finishing dinner with Ivan. Karamazov makes a joke about Smerdyakov, calling him "B In Chapter 10, Alyosha finally arrives at Katerina's by late evening.

    The author apologizes for the fragmentary nature of his story, but says that he hopes readers will read it to the end. Alexei Fyodorovich Karamazov, usually called Alyosha, is the third son of a brutish landowner named Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov, who is still famous for his dark and violent death. As a young man, he is known as a loutish buffoon.

    He owns a very small amount of land and earns a reputation for sponging off other people. Nevertheless, he somehow manages to marry a rich, beautiful, intelligent girl named Adelaida Ivanovna Miusova, who convinces herself that eloping with a bold and sarcastic man like Fyodor Pavlovich is a romantic thing to do.

    After they are married, Adelaida Ivanovna realizes that she feels nothing but contempt for Fyodor Pavlovich, and when their son, Dmitri, is three, she runs away with a poor seminary student, leaving Fyodor Pavlovich with the boy. When Fyodor Pavlovich hears that Adelaida Ivanovna has died from starvation or disease in a Petersburg garret, he runs down the street drunkenly celebrating his freedom.

    There is another version of this story, however, which says that Fyodor Pavlovich instead weeps like a child. As soon as Adelaida Ivanovna flees from her marriage to Fyodor Pavlovich, Fyodor Pavlovich forgets all about his three-year-old son. For a year, a servant raises the neglected Dmitri.

    After a wild young adulthood and a stint in the army, Dmitri visits his father to learn the details of his inheritance. After Dmitri leaves, his father successfully manipulates him by sending him other small payments, which lead Dmitri to believe that he has a sizable inheritance. Fyodor Pavlovich remarries soon after getting rid of four-year-old Dmitri.

    He stays married for about eight years. His wife, Sofia Ivanovna, is a sixteen-year-old orphan from another province, where Fyodor Pavlovich has traveled on a business trip. Despite his drunken and debauched lifestyle, Fyodor Pavlovich has handled his investments shrewdly, and his fortune continues to grow. Fyodor Pavlovich convinces Sofia to elope with him against the wishes of her guardian, and Fyodor Pavlovich treats her deplorably, openly holding orgies with other women in the house, right under her nose.

    When Alyosha is four, Sofia dies, and the two boys fall into the care of the same servant who briefly had charge of Dmitri. The widow soon dies, but leaves funds for the education of Alyosha and Ivan.

    This bizarre circumstance is partially arranged by Dmitri, who, after being told about his ruined inheritance, has requested that his brother join him and their father, hoping that Ivan might help to mediate their dispute.