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As we have deployed more and more assessments, many of our customers have requested that we include a reading list for participants who would like to explore ideas for increased management effectiveness. I thought it would be interesting to ask clients and colleagues to share what they considered the best articles, books and online resources for the current business marketplace. What I received was an amazing list of books, articles and websites. We organized these into specific topic areas, and I will be sharing some of these resources in this blog. Below is the information on ten books on Coaching and Development that were submitted by our colleagues.

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This excellent book of essays and articles by the top people in the industry is the first to integrate the theory and practice of this emerging field… Citation: Fitzgerald, Catherine, and Jennifer Garvey Berger. ISBN: Citation: Dotlich, David L. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler, Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others.

Amsterdam: Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, Then look no further. LaPorte offers 16 sessions full of motivation to take initiative, follow your passions, and reach your goals.

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Fishkin promises, and delivers, an alternative look at the world of startups. The book tackles issues like how you find your target market, develop your first marketing strategies , and build your brand. Flynn wants you to take a step back before you rush into a business born from half-developed ideas or impulsive, misinformed decisions. In other words, are you moving in the right direction? It even has action-based exercises and real-world case studies.

The Little Book of Big Management Wisdom: 90 important quotes and how to use them in business

Thiel will tell you what you need to consider and what you need to avoid before moving forward. And most importantly, this book will help you decide if your idea is new and innovative. While your friends, family, and colleagues are only trying to help you, their advice might leave you more confused and constantly returning to the drawing table.

He breaks down how commonplace assumptions about starting a business can doom it from the beginning. Gerber will walk you through the steps of running a business from start to finish.

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Kawasaki, a former marketing executive at Apple, gives you effective techniques that you can use to jump-start a business. Read this book to learn how to make the perfect pitch, find the best talent, build your brand with limited capital, and more. Do you ever wish someone would just sit down and tell you what to do?

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How much of a role does timing play in the success of our business ventures, in our success in general? Pink combines research, storytelling, and practical advice into a highly readable book that will help you think of timing much differently.

It may end up guiding not just when you launch your business, but how you live your life. Carnegie breaks down the essential steps you need to take to make friends and connect with everyone you meet. What makes one business owner more successful than their competitor? Hint: It takes powerful focus and initiative—and this book will teach you how to harness that. This is a book that every business owner should keep easily accessible. This is one of the best books for entrepreneurs looking for some advice on personal and professional development.

It teaches business owners how to look inwards and change their mindset. One of the biggest takeaways from the book is learning how to set a goal and hit it. Some small business owners have a distinct leadership style without even thinking about it. Some, on the other hand, need a little help finding their way as a leader. The book will help you develop into an authentic leader, define your values and leadership principles, and better understand how you want to run your business. Businesses both big and small are built and operate under uncertainty.

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Andrew W. Robertson: Management's Responsibility. Robert Townsend: People. Jack Stack: Mad about Layoffs. Sam Walton: Creating a Culture. John Sculley: Managing Creativity. David Ogilvy: Managing Crown Princes. Louis F. Swift: How G. Swift Bossed His Job. Lee Iacocca: Skip Meetings. Henry Ford: Machines and Men. Charles B. Willard Marriott, Jr.

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Cross: Room at the Revenue Inn. Esther Dyson: Friction Freedom. James D. Roberto C. Shelly Lazarus: Global Branding.