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Students of computational methods will find it an accessible but rigorous introduction to evolutionary algorithms.

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Teachers will learn from its expositions how to make their own subject matter clearer to their students. Polya would be honored to know that his spirit lives on in the computer age.

It takes the reader close to the current knowledge frontier …. One of the most comprehensive views … is provided in this book.

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This book is the only source that provides comprehensive, current, and correct information on problem solving using modern heuristics. It covers classic methods of optimization, including dynamic programming, the simplex method, and gradient techniques, as well as recent innovations such as simulated annealing, tabu search, and evolutionary computation.

Integrated into the discourse is a series of problems and puzzles to challenge the reader. The book is written in a lively, engaging style and is intended for students and practitioners alike. Anyone who reads and understands the material in the book will be armed with the most powerful problem solving tools currently known.

How to Solve It: Modern Heuristics

This second edition contains two new chapters, one on coevolutionary systems and one on multicriterial decision-making. Also some new puzzles are added and various subchapters are revised. This item is not currently in-stock. It can be ordered online and is expected to ship in days.