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The region is both the same and — no doubt — quite different than when he and Lewis walked here. There are tourists and television now.

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We accidentally stumbled into the church in Blockley, the village where the Fr. Brown — was filmed. Still, the hills and fields, scattered farms and stone towns, take you out into a different world.

Analytic thinking decreases religious belief.

The exact nature of that world often gets lost in our current environmental debates. We have great power over nature now. The large strides in pure science and the near-miraculous developments in technology — especially medicine — are great blessings, to be sure, but also great challenges. Click here to read the rest of Dr.

Faith and Reason

Well, as history would show, Amalrik was wrong, though only by a few years. All true. And he thought a war with China was imminent and would devastate Russia. That was wrong, of course, but substitute Afghanistan for China, and he looks more prescient.

Faith and Reason are mutually incompatible

Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Carter had all met with Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev to little avail, and all liberty-loving Russians and their millions of allies behind the Iron Curtain knew there could never be freedom of speech or religion or in economic activity as long as communism ruled. Seen one way, the work leading up to this book began with a wisecrack.

In the s, right after graduating from college with majors in philosophy and government, I was hired as an assistant editor at The Public Interest magazine in New York. The staff, myself included, duly laughed.

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But that heretical notion stuck. Click here to read the rest of Mrs. I can hardly wait. Science will be of no help in that regard — my waiting, I mean — nor would I choose to hang around if it were. Indeed, that numeric confluence might well be the only thing on the horizon to make me smile. A nurse would whisper in my ear: Happy New Year.

Good, I say, not great. And when I write stretched out on the bed, as I began to do several years ago in the midst of some health crises, she herds me back into my home office, and mandates periodic standing up, moving around, and the drinking of glasses of water, and she accompanies me on walks and visits to the gym — and it shows!

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In her, anyway. Yesterday, August 11, was the anniversary of the death of a great Christian leader, apologist, poet, historian, homilist, controversialist, and soon to be saint October 13 , Cardinal John Henry Newman.